A Catch Up Day

Friday April 12th 2019

It was another beautiful weather day. There were a few puffy clouds to go with the sunshine and nice sea breeze. The temperature in this area peaked in the mid 80s, but inland it made it to the nineties.

This Osprey was a visitor to the RV park.

During my entire stay at the Seasons in the Sun RV Resort the snowbirds have been gradually packing and heading north. Today was my neighbors turn. They have been taking things down and packing all week. I was wondering how they were going to move the trailer since they were driving in a sedan. This morning a truck showed up to transport their fifth wheel trailer to the storage area. A little while later they began their drive back to New Jersey. If you aren’t going to use the trailer in the north during the summer months, that the way to do the snowbird thing.

Blossom of the day.

After spending so much time over the last couple of days waiting for the rocket launch, I needed to do some grocery shopping today. It felt like my supplies were really getting low. I was raiding my freezer and getting creative for meals most of the week. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to buy as much as I expected. It was the things I was missing that made the difference. Once I bought milk, bread, orange juice and some meat, I didn’t need a lot of other things.

These Ibis are right at home in the RV park,

The rest of my day was enjoyable down time. I’ve been touring the Wildlife Refuge or walking the beach waiting on a rocket launch just about every day for more than a week. Tomorrow is forecast to be another good day so I’ll probably be back in touring mode.

This lizard is much bigger than the ones I usually see. It is ten inches to a foot long. It was on the concrete pad at my campsite.. I’m not sure where it lives.

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