One Last Visit to EPCOT

Tuesday April 2nd 2019

The weather made for two distinct days. This morning was a continuation of yesterdays cloudy and gloomy conditions and the afternoon was sunny and bright. In between the two a quick line of rain showers went through the area. My day followed the same pattern; slow in the morning and active in the afternoon.

Great Egret walking on the top of a hedge.

The first order of business for the active part of the day was to replenish my food supply. I fought the traffic south on US 27 to the Walmart in Haines City. It proved to be a good choice to fulfill my shopping needs. It wasn’t too busy and had everything I needed.

Nice Bright Orange.

Later in the day I made one last visit to Disney’s EPCOT for supper at the British Pavilion. The Fish and Chips are good and reasonably priced by Disney standards. The crowds in the park today seemed to be a little less than last week. The longest wait time I saw was only 100 minutes. I only waited in one fifteen minute line for the Living with the Land boat ride. Other than the food my primary focus was on all the bright colors of the flower and garden festival. I think that EPCOT looks its best during the International Flower and Garden Festival. It looks good decorated for Christmas too, but the rest of the year it isn’t as bright and festive. After one loop of the World Showcase and about two hours I fought the traffic back to my campsite. This was my last visit for a while, my annual pass expires next week and I don’t plan on renewing it for the next year.

Purple and water mix well.

Tomorrow is a moving day. There is a launch of a Space X Falcon 9 Heavy rocket scheduled for Sunday. I’m going to stay on the east coast so I have a chance of watching the launch. Check out time here is 11AM, so I’ll have a busy morning.

Blossom of the day.

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