Travel to Mims Florida

Wednesday April 3rd 2019

The temperature got down into the fifties overnight. I had to wear a sweat shirt this morning while I was getting ready for travel. There was a strong wind all day that kept the temperature down and made for some travel challenges. The temperature peaked in the high seventies.

Ibis welcomed me to my new site.

There were a couple of weird challenges getting ready to travel this morning. Both of the challenges were caused by the slope of the campsite. First, water and the stuff in it doesn’t flow up hill. There was not a good angle from the holding tank drain to the sewer opening. The tank was above the hole in the ground so it emptied. However, the hose had some uphill slant to it so the hose didn’t drain. I had to work the fluid through the hose by lifting each part of the hose up as I walked along the hose from the RV to the pipe into the ground. I didn’t have any disaster, but it took more time than usual.

The second problem the slope presented was connecting up the car to the motorhome. Normally with a pull through site I can just connect the car. I’ve learned the hard way that trying to get the tow bar to lock into position on a down grade is a losing battle. This morning I needed to bring the motorhome out onto the exit road before connecting the car. I was still concerned about my chances of success in the new location, but I got lucky and everything locked into position on the first try.

Great Blue Heron in the area of water called a “Lake” across the road from my new site.

The distance I had to travel was less than 100 miles, but it took about two hours on the route I chose. Rather than fight the highway congestion and pay the tolls, I chose to fight with all of the traffic lights on route 192 through Kissimmee and St. Cloud. It is a longer route, but once you get east of St. Cloud on the county routes there is very little traffic. I arrived at the Seasons in the Sun RV Resort in Mims FL just before 1PM.

My new site number 26 at the Seasons in the Sun RV Resort.

The park is located just north of Titusvile. The Canaveral National Seashore and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge are nearby. I also plan to find a good viewing spot in the Titusville area to watch the scheduled launch on Sunday. I will be here until next Wednesday.

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