Gloomy Slow Day

Monday April 1st 2019

The day began cloudy and cool. The warmest part of the day was just after midnight. It cooled into the low sixties by morning and never got much warmer during the day. Rain threatened most of the day, but only interrupted the cloudiness once with a brief shower.

A little color in the rock landscape.

I planned this as a transition day from tourist mode back into normal living mode, but the gloomy weather had an impact. The weather has a big influence on my activity level when I don’t have concrete plans. I really dragged all day. Most of my focus was on the TV with a little reading thrown in. I never made it to the store for groceries.

After the brief period of rain the sky started to brighten. I used the opportunity to get some exercise by walking around the campground. The campground seems to be a depot for a Class C motorhome rental business. There are dozens of Winnebago motorhomes lined up around the campground. They are all registered out of Colorado with appropriate signage identifying them as rental units. My guess is they were here for the winter and will return to Colorado for summertime rentals.

Blossom of the day, Looks similar to yesterdays picture taken at Fort Wilderness, but this one is “on the rocks”.

Tomorrow is also forecast to have a rainy start to the day, but is supposed to end sunny and warmer. Forewarned, I should be able to push my self into doing the things I need to do in the morning rain. Maybe I’ll even do something interesting in the warmer evening.

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