Leaving Fort Wilderness

Sunday March 31st 2019

Today was a travel day. My eight nights at Disney’s Fort Wilderness were over. As seems to be the norm for a travel day it was unusually warm. The temperature peaked in the high eighties. Packing up and getting ready to travel was a sweat inducing effort interrupted by a long walk. I had to move my car up to the overflow parking lot before I left my site. The buses weren’t cooperating time wise, so I walked back. Hooking up the car to be towed in the overflow parking lot doesn’t get in as many peoples way as it would in the camping loops.

Blossom of the day.

As usual I enjoyed my stay at Fort Wilderness. It’s a nice campground with entertainment in the campground and the theme parks. This time around I was annoyed by the bus transportation system and the multitude of golf carts. The 1900 loop in the park where I was staying is serviced by the Yellow bus route. For some reason the Yellow bus also leaves the campground and goes to the Wilderness lodge. I rarely saw anyone on the bus going to the lodge. Most people take the boat from the marina to the lodge. The long run to the Wilderness lodge makes the time between buses very long and they only have two buses in play at a time. The other bus routes in the park have more stops, but they are all within the park.

Horse (or pony) drawn cart passing in front of my site as I packed up this morning.

The golf cart situation is out of control. Probably because of the unpredictable bus schedules, many people use golf carts. Some bring their own, some rent in the park and others rent from third party vendors. The overflow parking area is full of empty trailers used to bring the golf carts to Fort Wilderness. The golf carts are supposed to stay under 20mph, be driven by licensed drivers and follow all rule of the road. I saw a couple of golf cart drag races and lots of kids driving, usually with a parent present. These all are on the main roads of the resort that have pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, RVs, park buses and horse drawn vehicles on them. At night it gets worse. During the day most of the carts are parked near the buses and boats to the theme parks, but at night they are all active. Golf Cart cruising seems to be a popular night time activity. The head lights on many of the golf carts are aimed high and do a good job of blinding you as you try to get out of the way.

Site 31 at the Orlando Southwest KOA.

I moved less than a dozen miles today. I’m at the Southwest Orlando KOA for the next three nights while I figure out where I’m going next. I want to stay in Florida another month. With the snowbird season winding down it is much easier to find places to stay. I just have to pick some place and make a reservation.

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