Another Rain Out

Tuesday March 19th 2019

It began to rain Monday evening and continued until afternoon today. It was mostly dry in the afternoon, but it still wasn’t a very nice day. The temperature never made it out of the sixties.

Blossom of the day.

The weather caused another rain out of the Spring Training game I was planning on attending. Based just on anecdotal evidence if I want to see a game with the Minnesota Twins, it will be rained out. The game I was trying to watch on Saturday when it was rained out was between the Twins and the Tampa Bay Rays. Today the Twins were scheduled to play the Orioles in Sarasota. The good news is this one got rained out before I got to the stadium.

Gecko on the dock.

Since I couldn’t watch the game I did some grocery shopping. I only needed a few things, but managed to buy more than I needed. The rainy weather must have been keeping people out of the stores. The Walmart was almost empty.

Late this afternoon it was dry enough to take a walk from the campground to Lake Manatee. There was nobody out walking. The lake was very choppy making it unattractive to fishermen. I’m used to seeing a few small boats with fishermen, but not today. Except for squirrels and an occasional gecko it was very quiet.

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