Another Day Another Spring Training Game

Monday March 18th 2019

Despite worrisome forecasts it didn’t rain during the daylight hours. It remained cloudy and cool all day. The high temperature was just on the plus side of seventy. As I’m writing this blog entry the rain is falling on the roof of my RV home.

Red blossoms on the tree provide a nice blast of color.

Today was day four in the Spring Training game watching marathon. I returned to the site of Saturdays rain out in Port Charlotte. The Pittsburgh Pirates of Bradenton were playing the Tampa Bay Rays at the Charlotte Sports Park. The game was pretty good when I got to watch it. The early innings were scoreless, but in the end the Pirates won four to two. My problem was all the activity in the stands around me. People were still arriving in the second inning only to head for the concessions an inning and a half later. There were also a lot of kids in the stands that weren’t really interested in the game. They were jumping up and down and running all around while their parents talked loudly about everything but the game. It isn’t what they were doing as much as the fact that I was paying more attention to the people around me than the game.

Grounds crew getting the field ready for the game.

The Port Charlotte facility is nice with plenty of ten dollar parking. What it doesn’t have is a good exit strategy. When the game ends the parking lot turns into grid lock. All of the cars are parked head in along about eight long rows. When the game ends everyone has to back into the exit row or wait for the car in front to back into the exit row so you can drive out. Then you wait as one or two cars from each row gets into the exit road for each cycle of pedestrians crossing the main road in front of the stadium. It took almost forty five minutes from the time the game ended until I was on the main road headed home.

Tampa Bay Ray at the plate late in the game.

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