Redsox vs. Orioles in Sarasota

Wednesday March 20th 2019

Today was dry with a little bit of sun between the clouds. It was windy overnight and into the day today. The temperature made it into the low seventies.

Bright blossoms along the shore of Lake Manatee
Beautiful tree of blossoms.

I spent the daytime hours enjoying the Lake Manatee State Park. I walked around the campground and down to the picnic area and boat launch. The sixty campsites are full every evening, but during the day there is some turnover. Today everybody seem to be a little sleepy. There weren’t many people out and about.

Gopher tortoise came to visit my campsite this afternoon.

Today’s Spring Training game was a night game in Sarasota between the Orioles and the Redsox. For the most part, both teams started players on the major league roster. In the fifth or six inning the prospects took over. This is what I expect during spring training. I’m disappointed when the teams don’t use many of their good players. Some of the prospects don’t have their names on their uniforms and even end up sharing numbers with other prospects. The stadium announcer and score board operator had a difficult time keeping up with the who’s who of the game.

Redsox warming up before the eighth inning.

The game was pretty good while the starters played, but the later innings were very sloppy. The Redsox had a base running problem that resulted in an unnecessary out and the Orioles allowed several Boston runs on wild pitches or passed balls. The final score was Redsox 6 and Orioles 4.

Tomorrow is another day baseball game. This one is at the Bradenton home of the Pirates.

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