The Campground Alligator Came for a Visit.

Saturday March 9th 2019

Today was a weather clone of yesterday. The temperature was in the low eighties with a moderate wind out of the east south east. An occasional cloud blocked the sun for a moment or two.

Blossom of the Day.

I took a drive to the west this morning to find a cell phone signal strong enough to post yesterday’s blog entry. While I was out I stopped in at the Everglades City branch of the Everglades National Park. My timing was off for catching one of the boat rides into the Thousand Island area. I would have had to wait over two hours for the next available boat. It probably wouldn’t have been as good as I remember from 2013.

During the afternoon I caught up on a few chores around my RV home and grilled a couple of sausages for dinner. I took a couple of walks around the campground for exercise. On the second walk just before sunset, the campground resident alligator made an appearance. I spotted it swimming across the pond toward the bank I was standing on. It paralleled the shore for a short distance then turned and climbed the bank. Watching how quickly it moved onto land and headed in my general direction was a little frightening. I had plenty of space and it stopped well short of my location, but I did back up. It drew a small army of fellow campers taking pictures.

Queue the Jaws theme. Here comes the alligator.
Looking for a place to come ashore.
Coming ashore quickly.
Stopped, but ready to press the attack. There was a small dog on a leash about thirty feet ahead.

So far tonight the atmospheric conditions have allowed me to stay online. With a little luck I will get this blog entry posted before it goes away.

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