Daylight Savings Time Results in a Lazy Day

Sunday March 10th 2019

Today’s weather continued the streak of good days. It was a little cloudier than yesterday, but the temperature still managed to get into the low eighties. The switch to daylight savings time was the biggest change today.

The star shape in this blossom is very pronounced.
Blossom of the day.

When I looked at the clock beside my bed this morning it read 8:50. My sleep clouded brain added an hour for daylight savings and concluded I was going to be late getting the day started at 10AM. Once I was up I read the microwave clock at 8:02. The bedroom clock is “smart” it added the hour automatically. That was the most exciting thing to happen today. Since I managed to post my blog entry last night, I didn’t need to jump in the car and travel east or west in search of a cell phone signal. My day was spent at home reading and watching TV.

Bromeliad in a tree behind my RV home.

I walked around the campground pond a few times for exercise. I’m always on the lookout for the campground alligator or other interesting wildlife. On my last walk of the day I saw the gator taking a nap on the side of the pond. He had been out long enough that the campground hosts had moved one of the orange warning signs into the area. Every time the gator pops out of the pond they move one of several “Beware of Alligator” signs into the area. There are already permanently mounted warning signs around the pond. These seem to be a form of proactive anti lawsuit signs. I don’t think they are very useful.

Campground alligator on the bank of the pond.

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