Road Miles

Friday March 8th 2019

The weather roller coaster is climbing toward another peak. Today was warmer and a little less windy than Thursday. The temperature peaked in the low eighties.

I continue have issues with internet connectivity. During my first four days here it wasn’t great but there were long periods of solid connectivity. The last three plus days it has been no signal with an occasional brief connection that sends my cell phone into a notification frenzy. To find out if any of the notifications required action and to publish yesterday’s blog entry, I drove west to the outskirts of Naples FL this morning. Naples is a little further away but the drive is less congested than the trip east to the Miami suburbs. I found my Internet connectivity in a Walmart parking lot.

The drive back along the Tamiami trail was an opportunity to stop at various places and check out Mother Natures wonders. It’s not the easiest road to play tourist along. The road is straight and level for long stretches. The speed limit is sixty in the western section and fifty five in the eastern section. You are either traveling along at the speed limit watching for oncoming traffic that may be in your lane to pass or you’re stuck behind slower moving traffic. Waiting for you turn to pass is an exercise in patience followed by a short period of exhilaration as you speed by the slow moving traffic. The problem the road presents to stopping at the road side sights is finding the places to stop. The road sign installers give you a quarter mile warning of a possible place to stop. Then they set the sign back from the road far enough that the foliage makes it impossible to see from a distance. Deciding to stop, slowing from sixty to turning speed and not getting hit from behind is the challenge to accomplish in a quarter of a mile. It’s a lot easier once you know where everything is located.

This evening at the campground there was a ranger lead presentation on the history of logging in the Big Cypress National Preserve. It was held at an amphitheater back in the woods from the campsites that I didn’t even know was there. The mosquito were out in strength, but so was an owl. Before the presentation began an owl landed in a tree beside the amphitheater area to check out the ruckus. I tried to get a picture, but it didn’t come out great in the low light. The ranger presentation was informative, but very disorganized.

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