Everglades NP Anhinga Trail

Thursday March 7th 2019

Today was a little warmer than yesterday with a few more clouds. The strong wind from the north continued, but the temperature managed to make it into the mid seventies.

I wasn’t successful uploading my blog entry yesterday, so after breakfast this morning I headed off to the east to find a cell data signal or an internet connection. In the Miami suburbs I found a parking lot with a little shade that I could establish a WiFi hotspot with my phone. The only problem was the computer I brought with me didn’t have everything I needed to publish the post. I finally got it posted when I got back to my RV home in the afternoon. The atmospheric conditions or the tower congestion weren’t a problem this time. I had a good connection.

Once in the Miami region I decided to continue south to the main area of the Everglades National Park. The traffic and road construction were terrible. The average speed was around twenty miles an hour. About an hour after turning south I was headed out through farm land to the National Park. You’d think the approach to the park was supposed to be a secret with all the twists and turns with minimal signage required. I finally arrived at the park, but it was later in the day than one would normally started exploring the park and I wasn’t well prepared. I didn’t have extra water or binoculars.

I toured the main visitors center and then spent a couple of hours on the Anhinga Trail near the eastern edge of the park. I took the following pictures as I walked the trail. There were lots of visitors, lots of scenery and lots of wildlife.

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