Unfulfilled Plans

Monday March 4th 2019

Today’s high temperature was a near record high for the area. It got up to near 90 under bright sunny skies, lots of humidity and a gentle breeze. Tomorrow is forecast to be the start of the transition to cooler temperatures with cloudy skies and the threat of rain. By Wednesday the temperature is forecast to be a little below normal in the low to mid seventies.

Late this morning I drove east from the campground. My plan was to visit the Shark Valley, the northern most unit of the Everglades National Park. On the drive east I noticed that I had less than half a tank of gas. Staying in the middle of nowhere that could be an issue, so I continued by the park another twenty miles or so to the outskirts of the Miami metro area. I found gas after only getting lost in one housing subdivision. The transition from Everglades to suburbs then retail to housing was rapid and dramatic. I really wasn’t prepared for navigating in the congestion. I only had to turn around twice and I saw some interesting homes in the process.

After filling the tank I reversed course back into the Everglades. The road seems to serve as a dike. There is plenty of water to the north of the road complete with a canal that parallels the road. At regular intervals there are gates that control the flow of water in canals under the road to the south. Three area a few tourist attractions offering air boat rides and other tours. In general there is far more commerce on the eastern side of the Tamiami trail across the state than on the western end.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

When I got back to the Shark Valley Park entrance my plan for the day was foiled. The parking lot was full. The overflow seemed to be along the road with a lot of walking required. I had only planned a short visit that didn’t involve taking the Tram ride. Later in the week when the weather is cooler I plan to take my bicycle to the park and ride the Tram road at my own pace rather than taking the tram to the observation tower. I turned around at the full parking lot sign and returned to my RV home. My adventure for the day was a long round trip to fill the gas tank.

The campground was filling back up for the night when I arrived. During the weekend there were many Florida RVs in the park. Last night and tonight the mix has turned in favor of the travelers. My guess is they are here for a couple to three nights to see the Big Cypress National Preserve and the northern part of the Everglades. I don’t thing there are many people that are staying here for two weeks like I am. It’s a long drive to just about everything.

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