More Alligators and Birds

Sunday March 3rd 2019

Today had a high temperature in the high eighties with plenty of humidity. The clouds and sun had a battle for dominance which ended in a draw. The clouds deposited a tiny bit of rain, but the sun evaporated it before it had a chance to get anything wet.

There isn’t much to do at this campground. You can only walk around the pond looking for an alligator so many times before getting bored. Today I drove back to the west a few miles on the Tamiami trail stopping at some of the Big Cypress National Preserve roadside pull outs. I enjoyed another deep water area with lots of alligators and a hike along a boardwalk into a Cypress Swamp. Here are some pictures from my adventures.

Little Blue Heron foraging along the side of a deep water canal.
Suddenly something in the water gets the bird’s attention.
Start the “Jaws” music an alligator has the Little Blue Heron in its sights.
The Little Blue Heron saw the threat and moved further up the bank.
This big “guy” decided it was time to take some sun on the side of the canal. These creatures look prehistoric.
Great White Egret in the Cypress Swamp.
Great Blue Heron in the Cypress Swamp
Time to look the other way.
Anhinga drying its wings.
Another Great Egret in the swamp.

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