What Rain?

Wednesday February 27th 2019

Either I can’t understand a weather forecast anymore or the forecasters are getting it wrong. The forecast for one hundred percent chance of rain turned into a half an hour in the middle of the afternoon. I think the weather forecasters are fascinated with the extreme. They implied it would rain all day all across the region. What we got is a fast moving front that lasted less than half an hour in many areas. The temperature peaked in the mid seventies under a mostly cloudy sky.

Paynes Prairie from the Observation tower at the visitors center. The bison and wild horses are way out near the tree line. There seems to be more water on the prairie than before yesterday’s rain.

Since it was dry this morning I resumed my search for wildlife in the park. I drove the car down to the observation tower at the visitors center. My bicycle seat was a little wet to ride the mile and a half. The visible area in front of the observation tower didn’t have bison or wild horses to see. With the help of binoculars it was possible to identify moving large animals to the far right of the visible prairie. They were too far away to be sure if they were horses or bison, but I think there were both. Overall, I think there was more water in the prairie after yesterday’s rain.

One of many wild flowers in view today.
Wild water flowers.
Wild flower blossom of the day.
A perfectly formed blossom that fell to the ground.

Back at my RV home I got hooked on watching the congressional committee show. It really was a political show. Each “side” had a prescribed order and scripted text. The TV networks had there spin catchers ready to turn any new or slightly different information into headlines along the bottom of the screen. Channel surfing brought all kinds of conflicting perspectives based on the headlines. The whole thing reminded me of watching the Watergate hearings when I was in High School History class. I didn’t know what to make of the process then and I sure don’t now.

Yesterday there was only one bird swimming in this location. A few seconds after this picture all but three of the birds dived underwater in unison.

After the brief period of rain I took a walk down to the Lake Wauberg recreation area. There wasn’t anyone around except all of my bird friends. I took some more pictures of what are probably the same birds.

Egret in the weeds.
Frozen in place.

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