Last Day at Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park

Thursday February 28th 2019

Today was another nice day. The temperature got into the mid seventies under a mostly sunny sky. Once again the forecasters called for a chance of rain, but it never materialized.

This is my last day at Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park. I rode my bicycle down to the visitors center observation tower again today. There were not any wild horses or bison in the area. I guess I’m lucky to have seen them at a distance on other days. The people looking for them today were just disappointed. Later in the day near the Lake Wauberg recreation area I saw a couple of deer.

There is no problem seeing squirrels. They are everywhere.

On the errand side of the day’s activities I made a drive over to Green Cove Springs to pickup my mail before I leave the north central Florida area. It was about a sixty five mile drive one way, but still easier than finding a general delivery mail post office. On the way back I stopped at Walmart to stock up on groceries. My next stop is in the middle of nowhere.

She is waiting for her smaller, possibly younger companion. Together they continued into the bushes.

Tomorrow I have a three hundred and fifty mile drive to the Big Cypress National Preserve. It is basically in the Everglades just north of the National Park. The campground I’ll be staying in for the next two weeks is in the middle of state on the Tamiami Trail. It is about fifty miles from civilization on the east and the west. I don’t expect to have over the air TV service and I’ve read reports of very poor to non-existent Cell Phone Service.

I don’t know if I will be able to publish the blog every night. If I don’t have cell phone data service I’ll prepare the blog entry daily and publish when I travel into cell range. I suspect I’ll be closer to the coasts where the service is every couple of days. Any Email or phone messages will be similarly handled.

My plan is to get an early start tomorrow. The trip shouldn’t be difficult. It is mostly on Interstate 75. If I don’t encounter any traffic issues I should be on the road from six to seven hours which is longer than I like to travel, but necessary tomorrow.

One more sunset over Lake Wauberg.

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