A Surprise Rainy Day

Tuesday February 26th 2019

The last week of great weather turned sour today. Around 9AM it started to rain. In rained at a steady medium pace until late afternoon. I didn’t expect much rain today. The forecast called for a low chance of rain today with a higher chance tomorrow. Now the forecast calls for a one hundred percent chance of rain tomorrow.

I watched TV and researched travel plans while I waited for the rain to let up. It was after four before I ventured out into the campground. I still needed my raincoat for protection from the residual rain in the trees, but I got in some exercise. There was one lone fisherman out on Lake Wauberg judging by the single boat trailer in the parking lot. Even the bird life was very lethargic after the rain. One little diving bird was swimming in a large circle in the calm water. It would dive occasionally only to surface and continue its circuit. A Great Blue Heron was calmly standing on the rail of the fishing pier ever vigilant. I think it’s the same one I’ve seen the last few days. All of the sightings have been in the same area. Today I didn’t spook it. I was able to take several pictures from different angles.

Swim, Dive, repeat.
“I’m king of the pier!”

There have been more showers since I got back to my RV home, but it hasn’t been as continuous as earlier in the day. Knowing that it will be rainy tomorrow, I’ll probably be out driving around looking for something dry to do.

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