Another Hike at Payne’s Prairie Preserve State Park

Monday February 25th 2019

The weather pattern has changed. Today was a sunny day with a high temperature around seventy. It was a nice day, but so different from last week. Tonight, I need the electric fireplace on for a little heat in my RV home.

Today’s wild flower blossom.

This morning I hiked the Bolen Bluff trail. It is located in a part of the state park accessed from the trail head a couple miles north on US 441. A loop trail goes from the highway to the edge of Payne’s Prairie where a spur trail goes down onto the prairie. The loop trail was through a heavily forested area that overlooks the prairie. I didn’t see any wildlife on the loop trail although there were signs that the bison and wild horses have been in the more open sections of the forest. The spur trail onto the prairie was a disappointment. The water level is so high that only a few hundred feet of the path were accessible before it became covered with water. I didn’t see any of the big three of prairie residents; wild horses, bison or alligators.

View of Payne’s Prairie from Bolen Bluff.
The trail into the prairie became flooded after a very short distance.

After the hike I drove around the area for a while before returning to my RV home for lunch. Toward evening I took a bicycle ride to the Lake Wauberg recreation area. I found my day’s supply of wildlife on the excursion finishing off with a deer sighting on my ride back to camp. The deer and I were within fifty feet of each other when we both stopped to stare at each other. I tried to get a picture or two but they came out blurry in the low light. After about a minute the White Tail Deer took off into the woods.


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