More Pictures of the Wildlife around Payne’s Prairie Preserve

Sunday February 24th 2019

The weather roller coaster that has been in place in Florida this winter has spent the last few days at the top of a high hill. This area has been experiencing ten to fifteen degree warmer than normal days. Today the roller coaster car has passed the peak. It wasn’t a bad day, but it wasn’t as nice as the last few. The day was mostly cloudy and much windier than any other day I’ve been in the area. In the middle of the afternoon a line of showers moved through. It didn’t last long, but dropped a lot of water. All of the pollen that was blanketing the flat surfaces ended up in green slimy puddles. The low eighties temperatures prior to the rain dropped into the mid seventies for the rest of the day.

The strong wind pushed the sailboats on Lake Wauberg around at a very fast pace.

The campground emptied out this morning. All of the weekenders departed by the 1PM checkout time. As the afternoon progressed new residents arrived, but it was a much quieter set. There weren’t as many gatherings around campfires or loud conversations going on. Saturday night, I had neighbors still talking around the fire at 2AM.

Egret on the boardwalk railing looking for its next landing spot.
The tree branch was a little less stable than the boardwalk, but the food was better.
Still trying to stay on the branch.

I was busy hiking, biking, taking pictures of wildlife and watching TV today. The bison were nearer the observation tower this morning. I was able to get a little better picture. During the afternoon rain storm I got hooked on watching the NASCAR race from Atlanta, so it wasn’t until near sunset that I got back out with my camera. The wind had gone down considerably and the birds seemed to be hanging out around the lake.

Great Blue Heron in the swampy weeds.
Same Blue Heron a few minutes later “hiding” in the brush. During the couple of minutes I watched it didn’t move a muscle. Is it sleeping?
A Little Blue Heron in the water along the lake front.
Bison on the prairie this morning.

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