More Exploring and More Pictures

Saturday February 23rd 2019

The above normal weather continues in this area. It was a partly cloudy day with high temperatures in the upper eighties and a high dew point. The TV news reported that Gainesville FL had the highest temperature in the country today at a record 91 degrees. I continue to resist the urge to turn on the Air Conditioners in my RV home. So far the fans have been enough, but from the sounds I’ve been hearing my neighbors haven’t all taken the same course.

I was back to riding my bicycle around the park and hiking some of the trails. The bison were visible from the visitor center observation tower this morning. They are far enough away that I still need to zoom and crop my pictures to really identify the objects as bison. In general, my camera was very busy today. Bellow are some of the pictures I took.

Blossom of the day
White Pelican and a few friends in the lake.
Bison in the tall grass of the Prairie. This is a cropped version of a well magnified picture during a cloudy part of the day.
Great Egret coming in for a landing.
I startled a Great Blue Heron into flight.
Heron picking up speed and gaining altitude.
Great Blue Heron reaching cruising level.
One of many Turkey Vultures in the area.
Sunset over Lake Wauberg.

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