No Horses or Bison just Squirrels

Friday February 22nd 2019

Today was a cloudier version of Thursday. There were very few periods of sunshine, but the temperature still managed to set records in the area. It was in the mid eighties here.

Wildflowers line the path to the observation tower.

I completed Thursday’s grocery shopping today. With my cell phone in my pocket I drove into Gainesville and found the Walmart Super Center. It wasn’t far from where I gave up my search Thursday. This Walmart gave me a new experience. I’ve commented in the past that Walmart is turning checkout clerks into online order fillers. Today I found out what they do when there aren’t any online orders to fill. While I was waiting in line to check out in a long line at one of the only open checkouts, I was approached by one of the order fillers to check me out. Provided I was paying with a credit or debit card, she was prepared to use her remote scanner to check me out. She proceeded to scan and bag all of my purchases. It was faster than waiting in line, but slower than it would have been at a dedicated checkout counter. At least Walmart doesn’t have the staff sit around and wait for an online order to arrive.

There is a population explosion of squirrels. Every little noise I hear coming from the woods seems to be a squirrel.

Back at the campground this afternoon I didn’t do a lot of exploring. I was still feeling the after effects of my Thursday bike rides and hikes. It was a little more activity in hot humid weather than I’ve had in a while. Using the car, I stopped at the visitor’s center observation tower to check for interesting wildlife on the prairie. Other than a few white birds way out in the water, it wasn’t a very successful observation. Toward evening I walked over to Lake Wauberg in search of another nice sunset. The cloud cover didn’t make the prospect look likely and the bugs were out in force. I let the bugs chace me back to my RV home before I got eaten alive.

A late afternoon swim.

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