A Stay at Home Day

Friday February 15th 2019

Today didn’t live up to the forecast. The weather prediction was off, so my idea of how to spend the day was off as well. I was anticipating a sunny day with the high temperature in the upper seventies. What I got was a cloudy day with temperature barely making it to seventy. Cloudy days keep my initiative level low. I stayed inside all morning and didn’t leave the campground in the afternoon.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

I still haven’t got the laundry done, but the appliance repair man was working on the broken washers today. When I checked the availability of the laundry room I found one of the machines in pieces all over the floor with a repair man sorting through the parts.

Most of my time today was spent trying to figure out what I should throw out. There is a lot of stuff that I’ve been carrying around the country with me for the last thee years that hasn’t seen the light of day since I loaded them into the RV. Transporting unneeded things that add weight and take up valuable space is not a good idea. I had plenty of available space and weight capacity when I started my Rambling Road trip, but most of the space has been taken by acquisitions along the way. I’m not sure about the weight right now. Once I find the things I haven’t use, the trick is to overcome the reason I decided to bring them in the first place. Once I throw something away it’s gone for good. Things with a sentimental history will probably stay, but the things that only fit the “might come in handy sometime” criteria need to go. So far I haven’t made much of a dent.

The campground is very busy. The number of empty sites at the 11AM checkout time wasn’t as great today as earlier in the week. New arrivals started arriving as early as noon. It’s full again tonight, Some are clearly hear for the long weekend and others are just passing through. One characteristic of the new arrivals is a higher percentage of kids. Next week is a school vacation week in many of the northern states. I suspect some of the late arrivals tonight are making a speed run to Florida for vacation. The trailer in the site next to me didn’t even disconnect from the tow vehicle.

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