Animal Visitor Day

Thursday February 14th 2019

The weather roller coaster is on the up slope. The sun was out most of the day allowing the temperature to reach seventy. Tomorrow and the weekend are forecast to be even warmer.

Bear statue in the kids play area. If it doesn’t scare the kids, I guess they climb on it. I’m a little uncertain on its appropriateness.

Today was a domestic chore style day. I tried to get the laundry finished, but found the laundry facility full once again. The other bad sign is the condition of the machines. Two of the four machines, including the one that sounded bad earlier in the week, were labeled out of service. I’ll have to check on the other laundry facility in the park. It is usually much busier.

The second task of the day was more successful. I made a grocery run to the local Walmart Super Center. This Walmart had a large customer base from the submarine base. The number of people in uniform in some areas of the store almost out numbered those in regular clothes. The crowds around the Valentines Day cards and gifts were particularly heavy. In the bulk candy section of the grocery store all of the Valentines Day candy had already been replaced by Easter candy.

This rabbit lives under the deck around the office. He was out for a little early supper.

My excitement of the day happened after I returned with the groceries. The park was filling up as it does every evening. One motorhome pulling what I thought was a small box trailer parked in a site a nearby. When I went out later I found out it wasn’t a box trailer at all. It was a livestock trailer. The owner had set up a small coral around the back of the trailer. In the coral was an Alpaca or a Llama. I don’t know how to tell the difference without having both types of animal in front of me. The motorhome wasn’t setup yet, but the animal was getting watered and fed.
I’ve been to many campgrounds that have separate equestrian areas, but I never had horses on a site nearby let alone a more unusual animal like an Alpaca. I think half the occupants of the campground walked by to get a look at our strange animal neighbor.

Llama or Alpaca? It retreated to the trailer when people were nearby, but wandered the little coral when the coast was clear.

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