Walking the River Front in St. Mary’s GA

Saturday February 16th 2019

It was an OK day weather wise, but it sure was different from the high expectations the forecasters set. The day began with clouds and a little foggy and ended cloudy. For an hour or two around mid day the clouds broke apart just enough to allow some sun light to reach the ground. It allowed the temperature to get into the mid seventies.

St. Mary’s River from the historic downtown area. It is low tide.

During the best part of the day I enjoyed a walk along the river front in downtown historic St. Mary’s Georgia. There are a number of parks wander through and historic markers to read. I wasn’t the only one out for a walk in the park today. There were a lot of people out for a stroll, a brisk walk or a jog. The river is still tidal in this area and it was low tide. The marsh that lines the north side of the river was a bit of a mud flat, but recreational boat traffic was still moving out in the river.

An Anhinga on one of the pier pilings remaining after the hurricane a couple of years ago.

I’ve been on the look out for big birds. The conditions haven’t been good for spotting the usual Ibis, Egrets, Herons or Pelicans. I still didn’t find any of those birds today. I did see one Gull and an Anhinga. I guess I have to wait until I get further south later this month and next.

Long areas of marsh line the north shore of the river.

Back at the campground this afternoon I finally got the laundry finished before the park filled up with the next set of overnight guests. I had my choice of all four machines. I just wish I knew what the drier is doing with my drier sheets. Last time I was convinced that the sheets were stuck inside something I washed only to be found at the most annoying time. This time I checked every thing very carefully, but I found no evidence of the drier sheets I know I put in the drier. Is the drier eating them? Are they getting turned into tiny pieces of lint?

Looking inland along the shore of the river.

It is very clear the park is getting filled by people on a quick February vacation from up north. There are several tents, tent trailers, truck campers and classic RVs with plenty of kids occupying sites tonight. Most of them are from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania. These are states that a single day of hard driving would reach this point by night fall. There are also a few from the other northern states and provinces. It’s fun to observe the different types of rigs and their origins.

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