Another Dull Weather Day

Wednesday February 13th 2019

It rained lightly overnight. By morning it was cool and foggy. The sun worked hard to break through the clouds all day. As the sun was setting along the western horizon the clouds in the sky started to dissipate. It was too late to allow the temperature to rise above sixty. Overall it was a dull and cool day.

Today’s wild flower picture is a little more in focus than yesterday’s.

The missing sunlight and the cool temperature worked against an early start to my day. I rolled over and went back to sleep in my warm bed at least twice this morning. It was after ten before I got moving, but I had the TV in the bedroom on for more than an hour before getting up. Did my day start when I turned on the TV or when I got up?

The lazy approach to the day was set. I didn’t leave the campground all day. This afternoon I attempted to finish catching up on the laundry. When I walked by the laundry room it was empty so I hurried back to my RV home to collect the laundry. In the five minutes it took to assemble all paraphernalia and walk back to the laundry all four washing machines had been claimed and loaded by one customer. There was no point in waiting since the lady still had stuff to load into the machines. I now have all the laundry stuff sitting by my door waiting for the next attempt.

For a little bit of exercise I walked down the campground access road which parallels Interstate 95 to the end. It is about a half a mile down and back. Watching the traffic on the interstate was the only interesting thing on the walk. I passed one swamp that looked like it should provide shelter for a lot of wildlife, but I didn’t see anything. The absence of large birds in this area like Ibis, Egrets and Herons has been very noticeable. Either it is too cold in this area for the birds or the food they eat. Even down by the river in downtown St Marys I didn’t see any birds. In previous visits to this area at this time of year I don’t remember missing the birds. The big birds really draw my attention. They look stately and regal.

Swamp down the street from the campground. I didn’t find any signs of animal life. Where are the birds?

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