A No Sun Sunday

Sunday February 10th 2019

This was a no sun Sunday. It was a foggy day with full cloud cover. The high temperature was about the same as yesterday in high fifties. The only difference was the wind wasn’t as strong which allowed the water vapor filled air to hug the ground. It was not a day conducive of much activity.

Four sailboats tied to the dock along the St Mary’s River near the historic downtown area. They appear to be occupied by snowbirds.

I took a drive to downtown historic St Marys today. I found the river front area under construction. The road is torn up and the boat launch area is under construction. It looks like they are replacing the boat ramp with piers. There were a few people walking in the area, but it wasn’t a very scenic day. The far bank of the river was barely visible in the fog.

Sailboat anchored out in the St. Mary’s River. I think I’ve seen this boat here before. This is probably its home port.

This area has a split personality. The historic downtown area is a tourist draw. It contains the mainland visitors center for the Cumberland Island National Seashore and a few shops, restaurants and museums. The broader area is a military town supporting the Kings Bay Submarine Base with all of the shopping and support services that implies.

Near the river in the downtown area I found an Azalea in bloom. It’s nice to see a little bright color on a dull day.

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