Dramatic Change in the Weather

Saturday February 9th 2019

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm and sunny. Today was more than twenty five degrees cooler, cloud covered and very windy. The high temperature never made it out of the fifties and the wind was out of the northeast at fifteen to twenty miles per hour. The people in the campground arriving from the north probably found the weather fine. I just found it annoying.

This pine cone came from high up in the pine trees via the roof of my RV into my yard. The sound was rather startling to say the least.

I’m currently located on the Florida Georgia line. It is interesting to see the difference in the plant life here and down in central Florida. This area gets below freezing at night from time to time during the winter months. It is only occurs occasional in the Orlando area. When I was out today I didn’t find any plants with blossoms. The plants all look like they are in a dormant state. I miss the color the blossoms provide.

This campground is right beside Interstate 95. It has a large turnover of travelers every night. It was full last night, but many were gone by nine in the morning. Tonight the park is full again. The management seems to attempt to fill sites with spacing in mind. They don’t fill neighboring sites until the need arrives. When I’ve been here at less busy times of year, I usually had an empty site on each side. This time of year I’ve had neighbors both nights and suspect I’ll have them every night. When fully occupied the sites are close. Right now my passenger side is occupied by a small trailer built in the 1960s. It really looks tiny beside my motorhome.

The little repainted 1960s era Scotty travel trailer is dwarfed by my not so big RV behind it.

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