Changing Weather and Some Laundry

Monday February 11th 2019

It rained most of the night from Sunday to Monday. This morning it was a foggy mess, but it gradually improved. By afternoon the sun was warming the air into the mid seventies. Overall it was a good half day.

I’m still working on catching up on my laundry. I got another load done today. The washing machine I used has been well used. It was complaining loudly during much of the cycle. I had visions of returning to a flooded laundry room from a broken machine, so I remained in the laundry room for the entire cycle. Luckily there were plenty of old paperback books to read. The laundry room in most campgrounds doubles for the library. The machine held together long enough to complete the wash cycle. After transferring the load to the drier, I went back to the book I found for another forty five minutes of drying time. I still need to strip my bed and wash the bedding.

Campground filling up this afternoon. Most of these sites were empty at noon.

All of the overnighters at the campground were gone by the 11AM checkout time. The new “crop” of over night guests start arriving around 1PM. Yesterday there apparent origin was mostly Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Tonight they seem to be from New York, the New England states and Ontario. My guess is they all left home on Friday. The ones with the shorter travel distance got here a day earlier than those with the longer drive. If you watch the traffic pass on Interstate 95 during the day you’ll see an RV go by every minute or two. Most of the volume of RVs is southbound, but there are a few northbound.

Tomorrow may be the last warm day of the week, but it may have some rain in the afternoon. I’m still trying to find good weather to ride the ferry out to the Cumberland National Seashore. Tomorrow and Wednesday are out, because the ferry doesn’t run in the middle of the week during the winter months. I spent most of my day thinking I was moving on this Friday, but I’m actually here until the holiday on Monday. That gives me more opportunities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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