Travel Day to Georgia

Friday February 8th 2019

Today was the last great weather day of this set. The temperature reached new record highs in the area. It was in the mid eighties with bright sunshine and a little wind.

I moved north and east less then eighty miles today. I didn’t reserve the month of February in the popular areas last March. Finding a place to stay during the peak of snowbird season in Florida requires you to be away from the coast and the theme parks. The alternative is to go a little ways north in Florida or into southern Georgia. That’s exactly what I did. I’m in St. Mary’s Georgia at the Jacksonville North KOA for the next ten nights which includes the Presidents Day holiday. I’ve stayed at the park several times before. It is not to far from the coast, Jacksonville or the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. I’d like to take the ferry out to the Cumberland Island National Seashore, but the weather needs to cooperate.

Site B-12 at the Jacksonville North KOA in St. Marys Georgia.

Packing up this morning went without issue, but I wish I could say the same about hooking up the car. Today was one of those days that getting the tow bar to lock in place correctly was a challenge. The arms of the tow bar are supposed to extend and lock in as you pull straight forward. Today only one side locked in before I had to turn. I know from experience that turning before they are locked in is not a good idea, so I stopped to reset. Once I disconnected the car, I repositioned the RV and the car and tried again. The second time worked fine. It just added another twenty minutes to the departure schedule.

The drive was mostly on US routes. Only the last ten miles or less was on busy Interstate 95. The secondary routes were all lightly traveled good roads. I had to deal with a couple of construction areas, but there wasn’t much work going on today. Overall it was a good travel day.

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