Last Day in Starke Florida

Thursday February 7th 2019

The great weather continued today. The temperature reached the low 80s without much humidity and with only a little wind. The next cold front is expected to arrive tomorrow. It will drop the temperature almost twenty degrees by Saturday.

This is my last day at this campground in Starke Florida. I like the campground, but I really haven’t found anything in the area to keep me entertained. The long term residents of the campground must have found things to do, so I may have missed a few things.

The campground has about four types of residents. The first is a small number of full time residents. Most of them are in park model trailers around the outer perimeter of the park. The next group are the snowbirds down from the north for a few months in the winter. This park doesn’t seem to attract snowbirds from any one area like some. There are RVs from most of the states east of the Appalachians and some of the Midwest states. There doesn’t seem to be many Canadian Snowbirds at this park. A sub-group of these folks are the work campers that work at the park. This park seems to have a lot of them.

The third group is made up of Florida and Georgia residents that are using the park as their second homes. This group is primarily here on the weekend as an escape from the city. Not every Florida park has this kind of resident, but it is very common in other areas of the country. I suspect the proximity to the big city of Jacksonville is one reason. This park is only a forty to sixty mile drive from the various areas of Jacksonville.

The sky at sunset.

The fourth group is the transient population like me. They are here for a night or two up to a couple of weeks. Those that are social animals (not me) integrate into some of the activities for the park residents that are dominated by the members of the first three groups. The organized activities are things like shuffleboard, horseshoe tournaments and bingo. My guess is those are what attracts the first three groups.

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