Groceries and Gas on a Lazy Day

Wednesday February 6th 2019

As forecast today’s weather was a repeat of yesterday. It was dry and warm with very little wind. The temperature peaked right around eighty.

Washed out sunset over the campground.

Similar to the weather my day was a repeat of yesterday too. It was a living in an RV kind of day. I didn’t do any traveling or touring, just some of life’s tasks. The only thing that made today different was a trip for groceries and gas. Less than a mile down the road is a Walmart with a full complement of groceries and a gas station. It is refereed to as a Super Center, but it really doesn’t have the floor space to have all the characteristics of other Walmart Super Centers. The variety of products to select from was compromised.

I filled my gas tank at $2.25 a gallon. That’s about thirty five cents higher than I paid at the beginning of January. A few cents of the difference is probably tax difference based on the county, but the rest is the cost of gas. It is still not a bad price, but if the twenty to thirty cent per month increases continues it won’t be long before the price is back to what I was experiencing two years ago. When you factor in regional variations I suspect it will be even higher out west.

Today was mowing day at the campground. A very loud and big lawn mower was used to cut the grass on each of the sites. I think they were using it more to vacuum up the leaves than to cut the already short grass. Many of the trees are dropping one set of leaves to get a start on the 2019 crop and the pine trees are starting to spread a fine yellow coat of pollen on everything. If their lawn mower vacuumed up the pollen it would be worth the noise pollution.

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