Gorgeous Lazy Day

Tuesday February 5th 2019

It was a gorgeous weather day. The temperature flirted with eighty, the humidity was low and there wasn’t much wind. I had to switch back to warm weather clothes for the first time in a couple of weeks. Wednesday is forecast to be a weather clone. Let’s hope they got it right.

Azazel bush in bloom.

Today was another lazy day. I did a few chores around my RV home, but never ventured out in the car. This RV park is in the main route through the community of Starke Florida. It is surrounded by business. A strip mall with a Family Dollar and Bealls Outlet is next door. To get to any kind of nature area other than the town parks is a thirty mile or more drive. The attraction of the shopping mall is a short walk along a path that passes through a gate in the campground fence. I took that walk this afternoon.

Across US route 301 from the campground is one of the main north south train routes in the state. Every few hours during the day train whistles and the lumbering sound of freight cars drift into the campground. At night the train sounds seem to be even more frequent. Trains don’t bother me. I grew up near enough to a set of rails that I often heard trains at night. Trains and RV parks are often neighbors, so hearing trains on my rambling road trip is not unusual. In this case, my only lament is that I can’t see the trains that are passing.

Sightly “drunk” Palm Tree.

Today seemed to be a departure day for many of the rigs in this park. The level of occupancy has been pretty much constant over the weekend. A few arrived and departed every day, but today a greater number of RVs departed than arrived. The campground has a healthy complement of snowbirds with a good number of transients, but the park isn’t full.

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