Catching up on Chores

Monday February 4th 2019

Today’s weather started very similar to last Thursday and Friday. The cloudy and dry conditions were a big improvement from the weekend days, but still not activity inspiring. All that changed around 1PM. The sun made a full appearance for first time since the middle of last week. The temperature even climbed high enough to challenge the seventy degree threshold to warm.

Sauteing onions outside on the grill keeps the smells out of the RV.

I spent time today doing chores around the rig. It hasn’t been that long since my last cleaning session, but I found a cobweb in the corner of the bedroom floor. This motivated another cleaning session. I got the vacuum cleaner out of the basement and did all the floors. It takes longer to get the vacuum out and setup than it does to run it around all of the floor space. I still need to run the wet “mop” around the vinyl floor to pick up the rest of the dirt and clean it up a little.

One big hamburger grilled to perfection.

The laundry was also on the list of things to do today. I checked the availability of machines in the laundry on each of two walks around the park. Both times there was a waiting line at the facility nearest my site. I could have driven to the other facility at the back of the campground, but there really isn’t a place to park. That’s probably why that laundry room had availability at one point this afternoon. I’ll get to the laundry before I leave here on Friday.

Big meal of the day ready to eat.

This campground doesn’t have any flowers for pictures to break up the text in this blog entry. Since I didn’t leave the park today I took pictures of my culinary masterpiece for lunch. I fried some onions and grilled a hamburger on my propane grill. It got supplemented with a couple of hash browns cooked in the convention oven. It wasn’t the most balanced meal, but it was good.

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