Fog, Drizzle, Rain and the Superbowl

Sunday February 4th 2019

Either I don’t listen very well or the TV weather forecasters got it wrong. My guess is they were overly optimistic and being unfamiliar with their personalities I heard the wrong thing. It rained overnight and the day was foggy with drizzle and occasional rain showers. I expected it to start cloudy and end with a little sun. It wasn’t a very good day for anything outside.

Fogged in Lochloosa Lake.

I wasn’t prepared to watch endless Superbowl pregame TV or Cats and Dogs playing football, so I took a drive in the murky weather. Other than wasting a couple of hours it wasn’t very productive. I stopped at Lochloosa Lake. There were plenty of boat trailers at the boat launch, but the boats were hidden by the fog out on the lake. The lake is very popular for bass fishing.

As evening approach I got ready to watch the NFL Championship game. The game was very different from other Patriots appearances in the Superbowl. The stadium had more Patriots fans than Rams fans. It sounded like a Patriots home game. The other surprise was the low score and the winning margin. The Pats have never won a Superbowl by ten points before.

I wasn’t impressed with the coverage. The camera work by CBS seemed to experimental. They were using too many long overhead shots and didn’t seem to be keeping up with the pace of the game. Usually I pay attention to the commercials. Tonight I didn’t seem to remember to watch the commercials. I’m sure I’ll see them many times in the days ahead. Those that don’t appear on TV again will be all over the Internet.

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