Random Rain All Day

Saturday February 2nd 2019

It rained overnight, but I thought it was going to be a dry cloudy day. I was wrong. Today was a random rain day. It went from bright but cloudy to dark and rainy without a moments warning. I had to hurry and cover things up from the rain more than once today.

I’ve seen a lot of similar sign posts on my Rambling Road trip. I always wonder how they choose the cities.

While I was hiding out inside during the rain showers I was considering this blog. I am starting on my forth year of daily blog writing. It remains a good tool for me to record my activities, thoughts and plans. Most significantly it provides some structure to my rambling life style. The knowledge that I have to write something at the end of each day makes for a more enriched day. As I’m going through the day I think about what I can take a picture of and the things I can write about.

Going back and reading some of the old entries points to a couple of issues. First I could do a better job of editing. I’ve found several cases of half changed approaches for describing things not to mention a tendency of changing tense and voice mid paragraph. I may look into one of the online grammar checking programs.

The other issue is finding specific articles in the three plus years of postings. I haven’t been very good about tagging articles with keywords and the theme I’m using doesn’t organize the articles as well as it could. A finer granularity than a month would be better. I’m going to look into other themes. At the least I’m going to update the banner graphics in the next few days. I just have to figure out what picture I want to use.

Tomorrow is the NFL Championship game. I don’t know how much of the pregame garbage TV I can take, but I’ll be watching the game. GO Patriots!

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