Travel Day to Starke Florida

Friday February 1st 2019

I left Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida heading north at 11:30AM. It was a good weather day for travel. There wasn’t much wind and the sun was behind a layer of clouds. I prefer the conditions that don’t require wearing sunglasses. With sunglasses on the rear view monitor, dashboard, GPS and radio are much harder to see.

Site 87 at the Starke/Gainesville NE KOA.

The 130 mile trip north was on US highways, not interstates. The first half of the trip through Clermont, Leesburg, The Villages and Ocala took a lot of active driving. Most sections of the road averaged three to four traffic lights per mile. Only a few sections were free of traffic lights. Stopping and starting a big RV takes planning. When I see a light ahead it becomes a judgment call as to how much I need to slow down. If I get it wrong I have to stop hard or pass through a yellow light. Stopping hard really messes things up inside. I managed not to have any hard stops today and only went through one yellow. The way you accomplish that is to go slow most of the time. I’m sure some of the surrounding traffic wasn’t pleased with my pace. I didn’t enjoy all the lights I had to stop at.

After Ocala the route becomes more rural. The speed limit was sixty five between towns and slows rapidly to forty five or even thirty five in the towns. This stretch of road used to have a reputation as the speed trap capital of the Florida. I don’t know if that’s still the case, but I was careful none the less.

I arrived at my destination for the next week between two thirty and three. It was after three thirty before I was finished checking in and setting up. I’m at the Starke/Gainesville NE KOA. I stayed here about this same time of year in 2017. After nine weeks in state parks, it is a change of pace to be back in a full service RV park.

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