A Short Visit to the Animal Kingdom

Tuesday January 29th 2019

This afternoon I took a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. My intent was to see some animals and the night time show on the river. Things didn’t go quiet as planned. I got there a little later than I should have. Some of the animals were already “back stage” for the night and parts of the park shut down around five even though the two sittings of the nighttime show were at 6:45 and 8PM. The park closed at 8PM.

An Ibis. A Florida resident taking advantage of the habitats at the Animal Kingdom.

My first attraction was the Gorilla Trail. The gorillas were already in their night time homes and the trail closed a few minutes after I finished the circuit. I still got to see a smaller primate or two, an Opaka, the Meerkats and a couple of neat birds.

The next stop on my quick visit to the Animal Kingdom was the Safari ride. It was listed as a fifty minute wait, but only turned out to be a little over thirty minutes. I got one of the drivers that seemed to think he needed to make the safari into a thrill ride. He started like a drag racer and turned like a bumper car driver. Thankfully, he was good at finding animals. There were quite a few to be seen. The only significant missing species were the elephants. They must have been back state already.

I finished my safari ride around 5:30. The seating for the nighttime show didn’t open until 6:15 or so. I went in search of other open attractions. Only the non-animal based ones were still open and they had long wait times. The park seemed to be busy today. Although I was dressed warm enough for the evening, I was over dressed for the late afternoon. I worked up a sweat with all the walking that really gave me a chill as the sun went down. The chill forced a decision to go home rather than wait for the night time show.

Black Neck Swan
Mom and child.
Close up of the child waiting for the door to the back stage area to open.
Great Blue Turaco
Curious Meerkat
These two crocodiles.
Giraffe meeting.
A pair of Rhino
Two female and one mail Lion. They blend in well. the first lioness is on top of the rocks on the left. The second is a little below and to the right. The Lion is on the top of the rocks in the center of the picture.


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