An Almost Cold Day at Home

Wednesday January 30th 2019

Cold weather has reached central Florida, but it is no where near as severe as the northern part of the country. A layer of clouds kept the sun from causing any shadows and it barely made it over fifty today with a continuous northeast wind. It was a dull raw day.

Wildflower blossoms.

My entertainment during my morning coffee was watching my neighbor pack up and depart. I’m sure other people watching me arriving or departing see varying degrees of skill displayed. Some days I may look like a well oiled machine in operation. Other times I probably look like a stumbling buffoon. Therefore, I’m not judging just watching. The solo traveler from Virginia getting ready to leave this morning is either new to RV travel or very much out of practice. When he arrived the other day he had difficulty backing into the site, but that’s not unusual. This morning he seem to know what to do, but didn’t have any idea how to complete all the tasks.

He got his power and water disconnected without interruption, but as soon as he started to hook the car to the trailer he started to exhibit a lot of uncertainty. He got the car aligned with the trailer, but stopped about six feet away. He then decided to put some stuff away in the trailer. When he returned to the hitching process he got the trailer connected, but only one side of the load leveling bars connected. After removing the wheel blocks he when back to finish hitching. After a few more interrupted tasks he finished by loading a bicycle onto the back of the car and putting all the blocks away before departing. With all of his scurrying around I thought he would miss something, but I didn’t see anything dragging or remaining on the site after he pulled out. As he drove by I saw a temporary license plate on the trailer. I’m sure he’ll get better with practice.

Wildflower blossom of the day,

My afternoon entertainment was a hike on some of the trails in the state park. The wide trails are suitable for people, bikes and horses. They go through open areas, brush and tree filled areas. A few unattended wild or “gone” wild citrus trees are the most unique aspect of the trails. They all had ripe or beyond ripe fruit. I heard activity in the brush of small animals, but only saw a few birds. The area seems perfect for more animal activity, but I didn’t see any today. I’m not sure how far I hiked, but overall I was gone for about two hours.

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