After the Rain

Monday January 28th 2019

The rain departed overnight after leaving about two inches of needed precipitation. It was a cool day in the fifties with sunshine early and late. During the middle of the day clouds covered the sky.

Another wildflower blossom a little damaged from the rain.

I got a slow start to the day. I should have forced the issue and gotten up at the usual time, but having slept in yesterday, I didn’t get to sleep until late. I’m in danger of establishing a bad precedent and skewing my waking hours into the night.

When the lunch hour arrived I finally found the motivation to leave the park. Without a grocery run I had nothing interesting to eat. Clearly I wasn’t the only one. The store was very busy. The fact that this area has many retired people and tourists is clear when you find the grocery store packed in the middle of a weekday afternoon. In an ordinary working urban area the stores would be empty in the middle of the afternoon.

Kayak fisherman on the lake before sunset.

The campground has transitioned from weekenders from Florida to snowbirds and tourists from the north for the weekdays. One couple arrived in a trailer from Indiana towed by a truck with a Mazda Miata chase car. They barely got the trailer disconnected from the truck before they took time to set up an Easy-Up style awning to cover the car. Later in the day the guy was practicing his golf pitching on the grass beside the site. Somehow they don’t fit my stereotype for a state park resident. Most of the residents have bicycles and kayaks.

Another kayak fisherman.

Tomorrow is forecast to be the best day of the week. The temperature is set to be in the upper sixties with full sunshine. By Wednesday another cold front is supposed to pass through with a little rain and colder temperatures to follow. I’m toying with the idea of going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom tomorrow to check on the animals, but I’m pretty good at changing plans.

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