A Full Day of Rain

Sunday January 27th 2019

It started to rain during the night and has continued all day. I woke up around five to moderate to heavy rain on the roof. After acknowledging it was happening I went back to sleep. I finally decided to get out of bed around ten. It was still raining heavily. The remainder of the morning into the early afternoon it continued to rain at a moderate to heavy rate. Towards evening it switched to a light to moderate rate.

Rain running down the road and pooling in the grass in front of my site. (Picture taken through window.)

I judge the rain level by the loudness of the noise on the roof. A light rain I can only hear if I listen closely, but looking outside it is obviously raining. A moderate rain doesn’t interfere with hearing the television and a heavy rain requires the TV volume to be cranked. A really heavy storm like a thunderstorm may be so loud that even cranked nearly to maximum volume the TV can’t be heard.

This storm is forecast to end about twenty four hours after it started. It is supposed to be dry in the morning and sunny by afternoon. The forecast high tomorrow is around sixty to be followed by even cooler days. The national news is using the term Polar Vortex again, but the Florida meteorologists haven’t used the term yet. It’s just going to be unseasonably cool.

I had planned to go grocery shopping today, but it didn’t happen. The rain washed away all of my motivation. Instead it was a reading and TV kind of day. I don’t experience to many full days of rain in this life style. My travel pattern usually keeps me out of the regions experiencing long duration rain events. I think the last full day of rain that kept me inside was back during May in Indiana. Before that it was probably February in San Antonio. There have been many rainy days that I’ve chosen to stay at home, but most of those had dry periods that allowed me to get out for exercise at the campground.

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