Another Lazy day after an Active day

Saturday January 26th 2019

Today hasn’t been a very blog worthy day. The day started out bright and sunny after a cool night. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. The clouds started to move in during the late morning. The sun was hidden from view by noon and isn’t forecast to be back until Monday. Tomorrow is expected to be a rainy day.

Lilly pads grow big in Florida.

Yesterday’s active day combined with the low motivation associated with a cloudy day turned today into a lazy day. I did some reading, watched some TV and did some bike riding today. The campground is filled with a lot of weekenders. Big gravel sites that have RVs during the week get filed with tent trailers and tents on the weekend. The older crowd during the week is augmented with young families on the weekend. There will likely be a sizable exodus in the morning.

I am not sure what is on tap for tomorrow. With up to two inches of rain in the forecast, it probably won’t be outdoors. I’m starting to run low on food, so I guess a grocery run is a good plan. After that it will probably be more TV if I can get interested in the golf match being televised.

Today’s wildflower blossom.

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