Night at the Magic Kingdom

Friday January 25th 2019

The cool temperatures were here to stay today. It barely got out of the fifties today despite full sunshine. I did a little bike riding and some hiking. Toward evening I decided I needed to see the fireworks I’ve been hearing every night since I got to this state park. I arrived at the Magic Kingdom shortly after 4PM. The fireworks began at 8PM. The park was only moderately busy. I was able to visit several attractions while I waited for the fireworks. The pictures below tell some of the story.

Cinderella’s Castle as seen down Main Street as I watched the Flag Retreat ceremony.
I passed a couple of ducks begging for handouts near the castle while I was on my way to Buzz Light Year’s Space Ranger Spin.
One of the Mike Fink pole boats on the Rivers of America.
Fountain with animatronic birds in the Tiki Bird show queue area. I say the show while waiting for my Pirates of the Caribbean Fastpass time.
Country Bear Jamboree opening number.
Gravestone in the Haunted Mansion queue area.
It’s a Small World ride.
The Little Mermaid under the sea.
Some pictures of the fireworks taken without a tripod. My unsteady hand adds some nice features to the images.
Cinderella’s castle decorated for the fireworks show.


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