Slow Day Following an Active Day

Thursday January 24th 2018

The cold front passed through the area just before sunrise this morning. The sound of rain on the roof woke me up a couple of times, but for the most part I slept through the storm. A potential tornado touched down a few miles to the north and the TV weather talkers report that near an inch of rain fell I this area. By the time I got up, just before nine, the rain had stopped and it was starting to brighten up. It was a sunny day with a high temperature in the mid seventies. Tomorrow it is only forecast to be in the fifties.

Lilly Pads in Hammond Lake.

After a very active day yesterday, today was a slow day. I did some bike riding in the state park, and reflected on yesterday’s visit to the International Festival of the Arts at Disney’s EPCOT. I’ve been to the park enough that a lot of the magic has diminished. I don’t have the patience to wait in long lines for attractions that I’ve seen many times before. Waiting for the start of the Illuminations night time show was close to torture. I could only walk around the World Showcase so many times. Waiting during the daytime is easier because I can people watch.

Wild Flower Blossom of the Day.

The enthusiasm and naivete of new visitors to the park is fun to watch. Listening to the awe and appreciation in peoples voices as they see things for the first time brings back some of the enjoyment of seeing things for the first time. On the Living with the Land ride people always seem to be surprised by the size of the fruits and vegetable hanging from vines. Later last night I listened to one parent trying to prepare his kids for what they were about to see was enlightening. He had the Soarin’ ride all wrong. I’m not sure who was the most surprised him or the kids. Soarin’ isn’t a ride along a track in a dark tunnel. It’s a movie watched from a suspended seat that simulates being in a hang glider. It’s my favorite ride at EPCOT.

Interesting cloud formations hiding the sunset.

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