EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

Wednesday January 23rd 2019

Today was the last warm day in the current roller coaster cycle. The temperature got into the upper seventies and the wind wasn’t too bad most of the time. Unfortunately, the wind did blow hard on occasions during the day.

My satellite dish antenna is not working again. It got caught in some Spanish moss at one of my last stops and probably crimped the cable from the base to the LNB element. This morning I loaded my tools into a canvas bag and climbed up on the roof. My first attempt was to just straighten the cable and try the receiver again. While I was back inside my RV home working the controls, the wind came up with gusto. The bag of tools that I left on the roof was blown to the ground. I’m glad I wasn’t on the roof. Straightening the cable didn’t work, I’m going to have to replace the cable again. I’ll get back up on the roof on a calmer day.

Welcome display inside the ticket line at EPCOT.

I had a little more success doing the laundry. I’ve been trying to use the one washer and dryer since I arrived last Friday. It seems like the machines are always in use. This afternoon I got lucky. I managed to get one load washed and dried. Later this week I’ll try to get a second load done.

Blossom of the day
Inside the lobby of the Mexico Pavilion.

About 4:30 I headed over to Disney’s EPCOT for the International Festival of the Arts. This is the second or third year Disney has had this festival to fill the gap between the Christmas Holiday and the Flower and Garden Festival which runs from March through May. Most of the Art on display were paintings. Various Kiosks around the World Showcase were selling prints and framed paintings. The majority was Disney themed, but there was a reasonable amount of other subjects too. I really liked some of the paintings, but I don’t have wall space in my RV home.

3D like chalk drawing on the sidewalk between Future World and the World Showcase.
Another chalk drawing.

The park wasn’t real busy. The wait times for rides were reasonable. I road Living with the Land, Soarin’, Journey into Imagination and the boat ride in the Mexico pavilion. Soarin’ remains a favorite. I want to kick the elephants into a stampede as you swoop down onto them, but somehow you really aren’t on the savanna.

After a few rides I walked around the World Showcase looking at the art while I waited for the Illuminations show. After a full circuit I still had time to wait. I found a seat back in Future World and played with my futuristic smart phone to kill the time.

I was safely back at my RV home by 10PM. The weather forecast for the morning sounds terrible. The cold front is expected to pass through the area around 7:30AM. The TV weather talkers are doing their best to create interest with scare tactics. I’m sure the sound of the rain on the roof will wake me up just in case there is a real severe weather event.

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