Lunch at Disney Springs

Tuesday January 22nd 2019

Today’s high temperatures were about normal for this time of year in central Florida. The mercury peaked in the low seventies with very strong winds out of the east. It was comfortable in the sun even with the wind, but if you were out of the sun it was cool. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer with clouds and the potential of rain moving in late in the day.

“River” at Disney Springs. It separates the Landing area from the Town Center area.

After a slow start to the day I went out for a few errands. I ended up stopping at Disney Springs for a late lunch at Cooks of Dublin. They have Fish & Chips on the menu that I have had a number of times before. Today’s meal came quickly with nice hot Chips and an over battered and fried piece of fish. It wasn’t as good as I have in the past, but I’ll still go back.

A Great Egret and an Ibis enjoying Disney Springs.
Geranium flowers were very popular in the beds at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs was busy, but not as crowded as it was before Christmas. The wind kept the activity on the water down. The balloon ride was grounded and people were not riding the chauffeur driven boat cars. Most of the construction is now isolated to the West Side area. A new restaurant serving Spanish cuisine is taking over the area that I think was Wolfgang Pucks Cafe and the NBA Experience is being constructed on the site of the former Disney Quest. The whole Disney Springs area seems more popular and lively than the old Downtown Disney it evolved from.

Blossom of the day.

Overall I spent about three hours at Disney Springs. That’s a long time for me. I usually walk from one end to the other then take a boat back to other end. Today I walked both ways and went into several shops including the remodeled Disney store. I still didn’t buy anything other than my lunch.

Tonight’s sunset over Dixie Lake.

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