Exploring in Lake Louisa State Park

Monday January 21st 2019

Last night after I published my blog entry, I stepped outside my RV home to check out the “Super Blood Wolf Moon”. The sky was clear and the red coloring of the moon was clearly visible. I’m not sure how much closer the moon was to the earth to warrant the “Super” attribute. It didn’t look to be much bigger than normal. I can’t dispute that it was the first full moon of the year, but why Native Americans called it a Wolf moon is folk history. I made a couple of attempts to take a picture, but without setting up a tripod it wasn’t happening. My memory and other people’s pictures on the internet will have to suffice to recall the interesting Lunar Eclipse.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

Last night was reported to be the coldest night of the season in this area. It got down into the high thirties. Today’s high was only in the high fifties about fifteen degrees cooler than average. There were no clouds in the sky today, but there was a strong north to northeast wind. The next couple of days are forecast to be warmer before a long term change in the weather pattern arrives at the end of the week. The weather roller coaster is forecast to plateau at the bottom of the cycle. A couple of weeks of below average temperatures are in the forecast.

This would be considered nice fall foliage up north. Here it just looks out of place.

In this state the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday is very visible. It was clearly a three day weekend at this campground. Today was the big departure day for the weekend visitors. I would guess about half the sites turned over today. When I was out of the park, as expected the schools and local government offices were closed. Many of the local industry and non retail businesses were also closed judging by the empty parking lots. The retail businesses that aren’t open on Sunday’s probably weren’t open today either. It was very different on MLK day in Arizona last year.

Lake Louisa beyond the Cyprus swamp area.

For exercise today I hiked the state park trails near Lake Louisa. There is a defined “nature” trail with signs about the plant life and potential animal life. I need to go back another time when there aren’t as many people around. A noisy family was following my every step along the path. Hearing the birds over their noise or sneaking up on any animal life was impossible. At every branch I took the path less traveled, but they followed anyway. Even when I decided to cut the hike short and loop back to the parking area they followed. I didn’t know I was the leader of their hike.

Redheaded Woodpecker pounding away at a tree along the nature walk.

The state park has a little swimming beach on Lake Louisa. There were a few people getting some sun on the sand, but no one was in the water on this cool day. Surprisingly there were not any boats out on the part of the lake visible from the state park. The other side has many homes with docks along the waters edge.

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