Football Sunday

Sunday January 20th 2019

The cold front went through last night with a couple of hours of rain and some wind. The cloud cover kept the warmth of the day around most of the night, but it was on a continuous slow cooling. It was in the mid sixties early this morning. By late afternoon it was barely in the fifties.

The tall grass on the side of Dixie Lake was bending to the wind.

A strong northwest wind blew all day. My campsite is well protected from that direction by tall trees, palms and bushes. I can hear the wind and see it blowing the branches high in the surrounding trees, but at ground level it is pretty calm. When I took my morning walk I was shocked by the strength and chill of the wind. I added an extra layer for my walk later in the day.

The Spanish moss in the trees was nearly horizontal from the wind.

Watching the two conference championship football games was my primary objective of the day. Before they got started I did a little reading and managed to grill a couple of burgers for lunch. Once the NFC game started it was all football except for one more walk at halftime of the first game. The difference in the officiating of the two games was noteworthy. It didn’t seem like they were calling many penalties in the Saints vs. Rams game. The one obvious miss call at the end of regulation practically gave the game to the Rams. In the AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and Patriots they seem to be calling every little contact.

I wanted the Saints to win in the NFC and the Patriots in the AFC. If I could only have one, I’m glad it was the Patriots. They’ve been my football team since they didn’t know how to beat a college team back during the last century. My emotions were up and down throughout the game. I started on a high when they scored first, but went way down when Brady threw an interception on the second scoring drive. By the end of the first half I was in neutral. During the second half I tried to change the channel, but I was back to the game within a couple of minutes. When they regained the lead with thirty nine seconds left on the clock, I was afraid. The fact that they held the chiefs to a field goal so they could win in overtime was amazing. On to the League Championship game. If Vegas makes the Patriots the under dog, I predict they’ll win.

Whatever these blossoms are I like them. I keep taking pictures of different instances of the blossom.

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