Walmart as a Tourist Attraction

Saturday January 19th 2019

Today’s weather was the pinnacle of another weather roller coaster hill. The temperature reached the high seventies early in the afternoon. A cold front is due to pass through the area before dawn tomorrow. It will be much cooler tomorrow and Florida cold on Monday.

Wild flower blossom of the day.

In yesterday’s blog entry I described a loose plan for the day that included riding my bicycle to the other side of the park to view the equestrian event. It didn’t happen. I got up this morning very stiff and achy. I over did something yesterday that took the prospect of riding my bike several miles off the to do list this morning. By the end of the day the stiffness had passed. Hopefully it won’t be back in the morning.

I set out around noon with the simple mission of buying a couple of propane cylinders for the gas grill. It turned into a two and a half mile loop around the west side of Orlando. I finally stopped at a new Walmart near Disney World to buy the propane and a bunch of other stuff. The Walmart was a vacant lot when I was in the area in 2017. Now it’s a huge modern store with all the stuff Walmarts normal have and a lot of stuff for the tourists. The area near the checkouts has all kinds of Disney merchandise as well as luggage and the stuff you’d usually find in a hotel gift shop. The Walmart itself was a tourist attraction for foreign visitors. There were many people wandering aimlessly with their heads on a swivel talking foreign languages.

Back at the campsite I changed the menu and didn’t need the propane to cook my dinner. I took a walk over to the lake in hopes of catching the sunset, but the clouds associated with the cold front had started to move into the area. As darkness arrived the temperature started to drop quickly.

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