Travel Day to Lake Louisa State Park

Friday January 18th 2019

Today was moving day. I was ready to pull out of my site at Hillsborough River State Park before noon, but it was 12:38PM when I left the park. The first challenge was hooking up the car. I had to drive the car into the back of the site after moving the coach forward then backing it back to the car. It seemed like the best solution in the tight confines of he campground.

Blossom of the day. A little wild flower.

The next delay in my departure was the line up at the dumping station. I had to wait about fifteen minutes before I could dump my holding tanks. During the wait I made good use of my time. I washed the streaks of bird droppings off my front windshield. Just one of the “benefits” of a campsite in the trees.

The drive to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont was uneventful. Traffic was heavy on Interstate 4 all the way. It was just starting to backup leading into the theme park area and Orlando when I got off at route US27. I arrived at the state park a little after 2PM. The staff at the gate of this park has different procedures than the other Florida State Parks I stay at. They are not prepared for your arrival. At the other state parks you tell them who you are and they give you a car pass and a map to your site. Here they do all of the processing once you identify yourself. Today I had to wait for four other campers to be processed and they all had fully paid for reservations like mine.

Site 51 at Lake Louisa State Park.

I got set up on site 51 by 3PM, but had one problem. My power management system wouldn’t connect to the 50 amp connection. One of the legs of the two phase circuit had no voltage. The 30 amp plug was fine. I drove back to the entrance to report the issue. By the time I’d driven the 3 miles back to my site a park ranger was already at my site. He confirmed the problem and went for tools and parts to fix the problem. The breakers were replaced before he finished for the day. I’m now connected to the 50 amp plug. It really makes a difference on what I can run on electricity. A 30 amp connection only provides 30 amps, but a 50 amp connection is really 100 amps. The 50 amp plug provides to legs of 50 amp power.

This is the same park I was in five weeks ago but a different site in the B loop. I like this park. It’s in a good location and the sites are well suited to RVs. There is a big equestrian even going on tomorrow. The Friends of Lake Louisa have set up a cross country course with obstacles for the horses. I may go see what it’s all about tomorrow. I’ll have to ride my bike as parking may be limited.

Tonight’s sunset across Dixie lake.

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