Last Day at Hillsborough River State Park

Thursday January 17th 2019

Last night was the coldest I’ve experienced since November well north of here. The temperature reports around this area ranged were in the high thirties. One area twenty or thirty miles north was reported in the high twenties and the areas south of Tampa bay were in the mid forties. The high temperature for the day was about seventy. Tonight won’t be as cold as last night and tomorrow is going to be a bit warmer.

The water flows very slowly through this section of the Hillsborough River.

This is my last day at Hillsborough River State Park. I spent the leisure part of my day riding my bike and hiking around the park. The water level in the swampy areas has gone down since I arrived last week as has the river level. I spotted some birds in the marshes that I hadn’t seen on previous excursions through the park. The white birds have good camouflage in the grass and the Great Blue Heron blend in with the leafless tree branches. A good pair of binoculars would have been useful to spot the birds, but mine were in the RV. There are still trails to explore on future visits.

This Ibis is hard to spot in the waters at the edge of the marsh.

Between excursions around the park I did a few chores and started to get the RV ready to move tomorrow. In addition to loading the bicycle on the car and getting it ready to tow, I put some air in the tires. Yesterday morning the cold temperature brought the tire pressure warning light on so I got the air compressor out and topped off the tires. The right rear tire was down just enough to trigger the warning. The longest part of the whole task is wrestling the compressor in and out of the storage bay and getting it setup. Once the compressor pressurizes the tank, it only takes a few seconds.

This little gator blends in with the log as it warms up in the sun.

I’m going back to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont tomorrow. It’s only about sixties miles if I go over the river and through the fields and woods. I plan to go back to the highway, so it will be closer to seventy miles. In this case the highway is an easier drive.

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